Cynthia Olinga Ibáñez


    Respiria is a space for peace of mind and grounding through breathing, moving and resting. There, breathing is not limited to your lungs but to the whole being, breathing is connected to your heart. 

    Whereas the air itself travels in and out of your lungs, the movement of the breath travels to all of the tissues, and this movement can be originated anywhere in your body. 

    A space for exploring, playing, listening to what it is there, listening to what you feel, to what you think, to what you sense.

    A field for connecting and expressing, at your own pace, with your own tempo.

    A place for creating space, for embodiment. 

    Respiria in an invented word, having the latin root respirare, to breathe.


    Respiria is a universe for being, where the space that separates grounding from dreaming, resides in the heart.  

    Breathing through the heart


    teacher training 

    I will be deepening my studies with this Authentic Flow Advanced Yoga Teacher Training at Pranama, Stockholm

    Stress management

    After been trained at Yogacampus in Teaching  Yoga for Stress, Burnout, Chronic Fatigue and ME,  I am now working in developing programs and courses for the fall. I will keep you posted!  

    Classes before


    summer break

    I will be teaching Yin Yoga classes at SATS Sveavägen the first two weeks of July. 

    You can also come to a soft Hatha Yoga class with me to Brahma Yoga, the 3rd of July 

    yoga for arthritis


    teacher training

    I will be flying to San Franscisco during the summer to deepen my studies in yoga for arthritis with Dr. Stephanie Moonaz.

    I will keep you posted on the outcome of the training and future courses related to it. 

    Going on now 

    Photo Ania Lewandowska